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STEINERT Global design and manufacture magnetic separation products and solutions for the scrap metal recycling industries in the USA. The Steinert range of scrap metal magnetic separation technologies and waste recycling systems are world renowned and can be applied to all levels of the industry including recycling scrap metal for the auto shredder industry, electronic scrap and ewaste, plastics recycling, pet recycling, ore mining processes and landfill mining to name a few.

STEINERT is a global recycling and mining industry leader in for magnetic and sophisticated optical, color camera and x-ray sensing, sorting and separation solutions. We build and install efficient, reliable resource recovery equipment, providing customers with class-leading levels of material yield, mineral purity and equipment protection. Our plastics recycling equipment offers superior separation output. From pet recycling to sorting plastic flake, STEINERT are plastics separation technologies experts.

In the USA our main focus is Scrap Metal in the Auto Salvage industries, Electronic scrap recovery and plastics recycling industries, including Municipal Solid Waste recovery and Plastics Recovery facilities. We are leaders in the design and installation of recycling separators and waste sorting technology.

Magnetic Drum Separation Equipment - Wet Drum Separators - High Gradient Magnetic Separator - STEINERT Global USA

For high-purity electronic scrap recovery, the STEINERT MT Magnetic Drum is available in both overbelt and underbelt format. HYBRID Drum Separators use extremely powerful ANOFOL coils to enhance efficiency by around 30%. The technology is also useful in the processing of shredder material, minerals and woodchips, and municipal waste, as well as steel mill slag and incinerator ash. Scrap metal recycling efficiency is guaranteed with the STEINERT range of recycling systems and magnetic material handling equipment.

Scrap metal in Auto Shredder Residue - STEINERT combined separators sort many types of materials including iron, plastic, non-ferrous and glass for the American marketplace

The STEINERT KSS Combined Sorting System is just one of our Scrap metal & Auto Shredder Residue solutions, using a sophisticated system of sensors to intelligently sort a range of materials. The STEINERT Finesmaster allows fine-grain material to be processed, separating ferrous and non-ferrous material with a magnetic separator before using high-frequency eddy current separation to recover non-ferrous material.

Eddy Current Separation Equipment - The STEINERT Eddy Current Separator Range represent the very best magnetic material handling equipment available in the United States.

Eddy Separation is used to combine non ferrous metal separator techniques with the recovery of non-metallic material. The STEINERT NES Eddy Current Separator uses an eccentric pole system to improve ejection efficiency in relation to traditional systems. Belt and drum shell wear rates are greatly improved. The NES can deal with a grain size of 1-200mm, and offers a throughput of 40m3/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions). STEINERT are an electromagnetic separator manufacturer based in Germany and supply the recycling and sorting industries. STEINERT also specialize in the manufacture of turnkey recycling systems and magnetic material handling equipment.

Induction Sorting Solutions for the USA - Sensor Sorting Equipment including X-Ray, Color and Material Type Optical Sorting Systems

Increasing the quantity of materials recovered, and the quality of the product, is made possible with the STEINERT ISS Induction Sorting System. This waste sorting technology can recover material (for example, stainless steel) which escapes the Eddy Current or Magnetic Separation processes. The ISS is far more efficient than traditional manual sorting methods; a true sensor based sorting system which delivers high output.

Waste Material and Plastics Recovery systems to streamline PET and Plastics Recycling. Plastics Recovery Recycling Equipment from STEINERT USA

Less hard wearing material like plastics can of course be more complex to separate, because of the variety of materials present. The UniSort PR uses cutting-edge Hyper Spectral Imaging cameras to break new ground in the sorting of packaging and plastics from electronic scrap, with five possible working widths of between 1000 and 2800mm. STEINERT plastics recycling equipment ensures correct separation with high throughput of materials, including pet recycling and sorting plastic flake.

X-ray, Near Infra-Red and Colour Sensing from STEINERT offer clients the very best optical sorting systems

The STEINERT XSS X-ray sorting system uses X-ray technology to identify a range of different materials and material densities, whether light & heavy metals, organic material, PVC & other plastics, wood, stone and so on. Working with grain sizes of between 10 and 200mm, it offers a throughput of 40-200cbm/h*m; for minerals, up to 150t/h*m (* depending on the respective conditions). The XSS F (for Fluorescence) system separates various metallic materials by examining surfaces. The series of optical sorting systems from STEINERT are backed by our superb service offers.

Suspension Magnets and Overhead Magnetic Separators optimize the sorting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

STEINERT Suspension Magnets are used all over the world in mining and resource recovery, as well as bulk materials handling and port loading. Equipment protection often depends on being able to remove tramp metal; recovering ferrous material is essential to the recycling industry. STEINERT supplies permanent overhead suspension magnets as well as oil-cooled and air-cooled electromagnets.

STEINERT Induction Sorting Solutions are widely used in the separation of plastics for recycling.

The ISS is also widely used in waste material and plastics recovery. STEINERT design and manufacture a resilient and effective range of waste separation systems. The efficiency of the STEINERT ISS can be increased even further by additional screening and crushing before use. Sensors detect metallic material and use highly sensitive computerized air jets to separate it, pushing electrically conductive material over the diverter gate.

Mining Industrial Minerals and Ores in the USA. STEINERT Global are leaders in the design and manufacture of iron ore processing equipment for American recyclers

STEINERT also offers high quality solutions for the mineral and ore mining industries in the USA, using a variety of technologies including Magnetic Separators, Suspension Magnets and X-ray Sensing. Our goal is the constant improvement of systems that assist in producing market-ready products, focusing on material yield, equipment protection and purity.

Separating Iron and Ores from Sand and Dust using High Grade Magnetic Separators

Minimizing ore loss throughout the separation process is a key focus of STEINERT'S ore sorting solutions. Our Wet Drum Separators improve on traditional techniques, to the point where recovery of Heavy Media is very close to 100% efficient. Ease of use with any magnetic material handling equipment is extremely important, partly in order to keep the amount of time spent optimizing machinery to a minimum, and we continue to concentrate on time savings in WDS technology.

Primary Separation Technology - Suspension Magnets and Magnetic Material Handling Equipment.

Depending on the grade and type of ore being worked with, our Overhead Suspension Magnets may be the solution. The powerful magnetic fields remove tramp iron from mining material, working with a belt width of up to 3000mm. The magnets' design incorporates highly efficient cooling, reducing downtimes.

X-Ray Sensing and Induction Sorting Equipment and Solutions - STEINERT XSS recycling systems lead the way

The ability to process materials efficiently, using the minimum amount of energy, water and chemicals, is at least as important to the mineral industry as locating new deposits. STEINERT offers highly advanced industrial mineral processing equipment which has been designed and built with these efficiencies in mind. The STEINERT XSS uses either X-Rays (XSS T) or Fluorescence (XSS F) to recognize and sort a huge variety of materials quickly and accurately.

Rough Diamond final recovery XTS solution from STEINERT improves efficiency and yield with damage prevention technologies.

The recovery of precious stones requires specialist sorting solutions. The STEINERT XTS sensor sorter is an ultra efficient solution to produce higher output of gemstones, including diamonds, without the traditional concerns of stone damage. Our final recovery solution for diamond sorting, the, produces perfect diamond detection and recovery at a fast rate of throughput. Being automated sorting systems, STEINERT XTS provides hands-off solutions which are required for the strict security protocols inherent in diamond recovery sorting houses.

Full Separation Plant and Mobile Sorting Plant solutions - STEINERT Mobile Recycling Systems

Increased demand for recycled metals in the coming years, particularly from the aluminum sheet industry, will call for improved methods of extracting high quality material. The STEINERT Dry Media Separation Plant increases revenues by allowing more efficient separation as well as easier, faster adaptation to ever-changing markets and different tasks. We also offer a number of mobile solutions and mobile recycling systems including Mining Plant, Resource Recovery Plant and Recycling Plant. STEINERT are turnkey recycling systems experts.

Combined X-Ray Sensing, near Infra-Red and Induction Sorting Technology

Our mobile plant equipment for the mining industry offers a combination of the latest in highly advanced sensor technology, including X-Ray sorting, NIR and Induction. STEINERT waste separation systems offer stable efficiency, especially the range of turnkey recycling systems.

Mobile High Grade Magnetic Separators

The STEINERT Mobile series includes both stand-alone units and combinations that add up to a durable, reliable mobile processing plant. The ISS Induction Separation System is one of the most effective examples of metal separation equipment and is available in mobile format. STEINERT mobile recycling systems enable processing at the source, perfect for on-site mining processing.

Plastic Recycling Machinery and PET Recycling for the USA marketplace

The STEINERT range of plastic recycling machinery ensures high quality plastics recovery and plastics sorting. Utilizing hyper-spectral imaging, near-infrared and color sorting, the STEINERT range of plastics recycling equipment is a perfect solution for the recycle of plastic bottles and PET.

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As the global leader in separation technology solutions for the scrap, waste, recycling and mining industries, Steinert manufactures a complete line of magnetic and sensor-sorting equipment designed to recover a wide range of materials. 

Steinert combines 125 years of technical expertise with world-class innovation.  Our equipment is designed to last 10 years, which is why 65% of the eddy currents in use today in the scrap industry are Steinert.  Last year, our North American lab tested more than 196 tons of our customers’ material, and every year that number continues to grow.  We spend more than $2 million on research and development each year, creating new sorting technologies and processes to help our customers gain revenue and efficiency.

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